Everything you Need to know Before your First Brazilian wax

August 19, 2020

Getting your first biking wax or Hollywood wax, is not the most pleasant or pain free experience for most people. Below we get into detail what a full Brazilian & Hollywood wax involves & how to prepare for it.Let’s not sugarcoat things, getting your first biking wax or Hollywood wax, is not the most pleasant or pain free experience for most people. However, the effects from a Brazilian wax lasts for 2 to 4 weeks, rather than days when you use a razor. The Brazilian wax added smoothness and the slow growth rate is a win-win especially when you don’t want to be constantly reaching for the razor. Being aware of what exactly you are getting into will help you to have a better experience. Below we get into detail what a full Brazilian wax involves and how to prepare for your first Brazilian wax.Decide what style and shape you want prior.The most common options most salon offer is a bikini wax – which takes off the hair from the sides, a Brazilian wax that removes most of the hair from the front and all of the hair from the back, a Hollywood wax – That removes all the all the hair from the front and back.However it’s best to discuss with your Beautician prior to avoid surprises.Hairs should be about 1/4th inchesThe most common mistake ladies make before their waxing session is Shaving. When the hair is too short, the wax can’t pick up your hair, and if your hair is too long, it will be more painful. If you are unsure of the length, just leave it for the beautician who will trim before she waxes. Always avoid shaving between waxes.Loose Clothing Post WaxWear loose clothing to your appointment so you’ll be comfy afterwards. For the rest of the day, you should steer clear of applying too much friction lest you may wind up with even more irritation or ingrown hair in the waxed area. Good news: The redness should go away overnight.Hydro-cortisone cream after Waxing.The fastest way to calm down irritated skin after waxing is to apply an over the counter hydro-cortisone cream available at all pharmacies. It helps to reduce the inflammation, itchiness & redness.That time of the month mattersDon’t ever schedule any wax session before 3 days of your period. Your skin is extra sensitive around that time. Also avoid hitting the gym before and after your waxing session.Take a shower that dayShowering before a wax opens up your pores, making the entire ordeal less painful plus you would feel less self-conscious and your beautician will thank you for it. A day prior to waxing, give your body a good scrub to get rid of the dead skin. This help in avoiding ingrown hair and a better waxing experience.

It will hurt .. A Lot

There are numerous over the counter treatments that people claim to be “virtually painless” and some people who have been getting waxed regularly have insisted and therefore desensitized say “it doesn’t hurt at all”.. Spoiler Alert: It Hurts a Lot and for more so for some people than the rest.

The hairs left behind may be tweezed

Oftentimes, there is a couple of stray hair that is leftover after the waxing session that are removed using precise tweezers.  Your waxer may ask you if you want them tweezed, or she may just start plucking them without letting you know first.

Your lower half will be fully exposed

Before your wax, you will have to strip off your pants and underwear .The important thing to remember is that your waxer has probably seen hundreds of people’s pubic areas. This is just business for her, so don’t worry too much about exposing yourself.

Your waxer will get up-close & Very personal

Depending on how much hair you’re having removed, the experience may involve a lot of — for lack of a better term — spreading. In order to give your waxer access to all the spots you’re getting waxed, be aware that you occasionally may need to assist or move into awkward positions.

Alternatively you could also try a mobile beauty salon service that comes to your home or hotel to do the waxing for you. With a little more privacy and in the comfort of your home, having a home service could just about make the whole experience a lot less unsettling.

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