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Keratin Hair Treatment


Ever wanted hair like the Runway Models? Sleek, shiny and Free of frizz?

Trust NBoutique Beauty Home Spa to leave you with beautiful, shiny, healthy & frizz free hair. Using 100% Brazilian products, we are the first salon in Dubai to bring to you Organic & No Formaldehyde Hair treatments right to your door.

Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments provide intense hydration, recovery, vitality and shine of the hair. Our treatment is free from Formaldehyde.

Our keratin treatment contains selected natural and organic ingredients that keep your hair hydrated, helps recover from chemical processes, increase its vitality and shine of your hair. Our keratin treatments also prevent premature aging of the hair and have an “anti-aging effect”. Our unique and innovative treatments are fortified with protein, amino acids and contains a unique blend of Glycol Coffee Extract, Luna Matrix and Cationic polymers that reduces its porosity, providing volume and volume, leaving your hair hydrated and soft.

This treatment is gentle enough with 0% Formaldehyde and makes it suitable for all hair types and textures and can be applied to bleached, colored, permed, thin, dark, blond or afro hair.

Hair Botox Treatment

Hair Botox treatments help to repair, protect, deeply nourish and hydrate damaged hair from the the hair cortex. Our treatment is free from Formaldehyde.

This is an advanced hair treatment which provides an elevated level of regeneration.  It provides nourishment for your hair’s cortex, which might have been lost due to previous chemical processes. It’s unique blend contain: Keratin, an ingredient that makes your hair stronger& restores its elasticity, Green Tea, a powerful antioxidant that repairs damage done to the hair on a day-to day basis , Pracaxi oil & N-Acetyl Cysteine – provide intense hydration for the strands, stronger hair, shine, frizz eliminating  and preventing fading through natural pigments in the formula.

keratin hair treatments

Conlcusion : – Nboutique Beauty on demand, provides best offers and deals on keratin hair treatment and hair smoothing. contact us today for best price and cost of keratin hair treatment in Dubai.

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