Spray Tan suggestions: Before, During and After
Need to ask the latest tricks on spray tan before you develop a tan? You came in the right spot. You’ll find a step-by – step guide here on how to dress for your spray tan, what to anticipate at your appointment and how to improve the efficiency of your spray tans.

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Dressing For Indoor Spray Tan
For your spray tan appointment, we suggest wearing looser clothes. We recommend you wear black clothing too. The most common apparel wear worn at a spray tan is flip flops, sweats, and baggy tops. Luckily our spray tanning product doesn’t rub off as badly on clothing as other tanning salons.

Tips after Spray Tan Service
The most important step in this cycle is how to correctly manage a spray tan. Yet first let’s explore the spray tan session directly after.

Keep away from the following:

1- Do not cross your legs, or rub your skin together. It is the number one explanation why spray tans are coloured like stripes.
2- Be conscious while heading around, with your seat belt smearing your body.
3- Keep away from any behaviours that may trigger you to sweat.  
4- Keep aloof from any water touch during the development stage.

Make Your Tan Last for the Longer Time Period

  • Moisturising regularly with a natural solution of hydrating PH can make the tanning spray last longer. In the morning and evening we suggest putting on the moisturiser.
  • We also recommend that you stay clear of any scrubbing, masks, strips, microdermabrasion sessions and any products that contain alcohol, salicylic acid or lactic acid.
  • Do not scrub your body after you have showered with a towel.
  • Avoid exfoliants, oils and hard soaps. These ingredients can shorten your tanning life. 

Review Of Spray Tan Tips
To plan for your spray tan session, all spray tan tips for before, after, and after are extremely essential. If you’re a tanner for the first time don’t be afraid. Contact Us to get the professional home tanning salon & trust us to get excellent full body tanning service at home

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The planning is the first step in optimising the effects of your spray tan. To achieve your spray tan target Nboutique suggests three essential preparation tips:

  • Until your appointment for spray tan you must shave or wax. If you might expect, shaving will eliminate the solvent after your spray tan and allow your tan to disappear more easily.
  • Exfoliate the body, use a scrub in detail. Tanning salons may recommend using an exfoliating cream, but as long as you avoid dead skin and dry patches this is not required.
  • The day with the spray tan stays away from the moisturisers. Oily skin can create a barrier between the skin and the product resulting in streaks and irregularity.

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