Manicure And Pedicure

Nail Polish Removal

  • Duration: 01:00
  • Charge: 50 AED

Gel French Polish

  • Duration: 00:20
  • Charge: 95 AED

Gel Polish

  • Duration: 00:20
  • Charge: 80 AED

Gel French Pedicure

  • Duration: 01:00
  • Charge: 165 AED

Gel French Manicure

  • Duration: 01:00
  • Charge: 155 AED

Gel Pedicure

  • Duration: 01:30
  • Charge: 155 AED

Gel Manicure

  • Duration: 02:00
  • Charge: 150 AED

Change Polish

  • Duration: 00:20
  • Charge: 155 AED

French Pedicure

  • Duration: 01:00
  • Charge: 110 AED

French Manicure

  • Duration: 01:00
  • Charge: 100 AED

Classic Pedicure

  • Duration: 02:00
  • Charge: 100 AED

Classic Manicure

  • Duration:
  • Charge: 90 AED

Kids Polish

  • Duration: 00:20
  • Charge: 30 AED

Best Manicure & Pedicure Home Service

Indulge in Dubai’s Best Manicure and Pedicure service in the comfort of your own home or hotel. Our extensive range of nail spa treatments are designed to promote the well-being of your nails whilst transforming your neglected hands & feet into healthy, pampered fingers & toes. Whether you are seeking an indulgent mani-pedi, a classic or a gelish polish change, acrylic nail extensions, gel nail extensions  or an intensive paraffin treatment for your hands and feet, or classic manicure pedicure service, we have it all.

Our luxurious manicure and pedicure treatments in Dubai nourish & hydrate your skin. leaving them, clean & soft. It includes shaping, buffing & cuticle grooming. In this era boutique is just one click away, no need to query on google Nail spa in Dubai or nail salon near me.  With our nail salon spa home services, we give you the best spa experience to pamper your hands & feet with our natural salt soak, exfoliating scrub & finished off with a moisturising lotion.

Our mani-pedi home service  treatments in dubai are also perfectly safe for kids. All our products are free from toxic chemicals & are 100% child friendly.

Schedule in  a mani-pedi party for the kids or the adults, its a lovely way to spend time together. Just a call and we are at your door step.

Get healthier & stronger nails with our gel extensions or acrylic nail extensions & a nail shape that suits your fingers. Top it off with some nail art to have a unique design on your nails.

Get a vibrant color & a high gloss finish for over two weeks with our highly popular CND’S  – Shellac Polish or Gel Polish during your Manicure Pedicure service. Not only does your gelish nail color stay on for longer and maintain its shine  but also reduces chipping & dries faster.  With over 200 nail polish colors from the most popular brands in the nail polish industry: CND, Essie, O.P.I. and Orly you truly are spoiled for choice.

Classic Manicure : – Nboutique Beauty on demand believes in quality and fruitful results. Our Classic Manicure is a traditional method of taking care of Hands. Our Professionals use quality and branded products for our customers during there Classic Manicure in Dubai. One can expect us to cover all important parts of Manicure starting from nail care, nail trimming, shaping, buffing, clipping oiling. Our Professionals are always at your door step to provide you home comfort for your Classic Manicure.

Classic Pedicure : – Classic Pedicure is traditional method of grooming foot. These are common service available now a days at all salon in dubai. Pedicure is important now a days due to increase in pollution and temperature. Our professionals provide Classic pedicure at your home which results in time saving, and dedicated service by professional at your door step. Our classic pedicure includes foot scrubbing, foot soaking, nail clipping, shaping of nails, short foot and calf massage giving extra relaxation.

Vinyl Manicure : – Vinyl Manicure is special way of grooming hands and finishing Nails with Special Vinyl Polish. Process starts with regular method of hand care continuing with nail care, nail trimming, shaping, clipping, and ending with Vinyl Polish. Vinyl Polish is done in natural light and last for 2 weeks. . One can also go for hand massage for extra relaxation after finishing of Manicure.

French Manicure: – French Manicure is very famous for those looking for soft looks or young high school looks. French Manicure resembles nude shinning nails with acrylic white tip. This is best to go with any type of dress from jeans to wedding dress. People get attracted to it due to its half rise moon looks and cute hands. Process of French Manicure starts from traditional manicure with hand grooming, nail care, trimming, chapping, and thick layer of acrylic polish.

French Pedicure : – French Pedicure goes best with French Manicure where you match half rise moon looks of your hands and foot. French Pedicure goes with foot soaking, scrubbing, massage and nail treatment. Special french pedicure starts with removal of polish, callous removal, nail shaping, and polish application.

Kids Manicure and Pedicure : – We always believe that kids are too small for beauty treatment and look cute the way with there small hands and twinkle toes. But we personally believe kids manicure is more important then adults as kids don’t take care of there self. Kinds spend most of there time in playing with different toys and places resulting in catching lots of germs and bacteria. Our special kids manicure makes it sure that we provide proper pampering to kids with scrubbing, moisturising and nail grooming. One should try for our special Manicure and Pedicure for Kids ones in a month. \

Gelish classic manicure : – Gelish Classic manicure is upcoming modern way of Manicure using latest technology. Special treatment takes place with applying polish under UV and LED Light only. Gelish Manicure starts with traditional Classic manicure including scrubbing, Nail treatment, cuticle trim, shaping and ending with gelish polish under UV or LED light ending with cuticle oil application.

Gelish Classic Pedicure: – Gelish Classic Pedicure is upcoming modern way of Pedicure using latest technology. This treatment takes place with applying nail polish under UV or LED light. Gelish Pedicure and Manicure are rough to use and last for almost 3 weeks. thick layer of Gel applied on Nails ends up with oil polish giving it perfect shine to nails. Service starts with classic pedicure with difference of gelish nail polish under UV or LED.

Gelish French Manicure : – Gelish french manicure starts with traditional french manicure methods of hand treatment continuing with Nail treatment and ending with Acrylic Nail polish. This gives perfect look of shinning transparent nails ending with thick acrylic nail tip and half moon,

Gelish French Pedicure : – Gelish French Pedicure goes best with Gelish french manicure giving perfect hand and foot combination of gelish looks with transparent nails . Process of Gelish french pedicure starts with foot soaking continued with scrubbing and nail treatment. Our professionals make it sure to end treatment with short foot massage to give extra relaxation to client. One should try Our gelish french Manicure and Pedicure ones.

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