A brow shape, eyelash tint or lash lift can make the world of difference to the way you look. Our qualified beauty technicians offer an excellent range of lash and brow services to enhance your facial features including brow shaping & waxing and lash tinting.

Nboutique beauty on demand is available to provide home service with experienced Technicians. Call and Whatsapp today for any type of enquiry

Beautifully groomed brows and well-defined eyelashes can really enhance the way you look.  Perfect eyebrows are a wonderful way to frame your face, while darker, longer-looking lashes can make your eyes appear brighter, younger and more rested. 

We offer brow tinting, shaping and waxing as well as lash tinting from our dedicated team of Nboutique Beauty On Demand. Our beauty specialists are highly trained and have detailed knowledge of the products we use, understanding which colours will flatter you, and which brow shapes will work best with your facial features.

Eyebrow Tinting Service Frequently Asked Questions

Eyebrow tinting is best way of colouring your eyebrows and saving time spend on daily touch ups.
Our customers ask lots of questions from us regarding eyebrow tinting and eyebrow shaping. We have answered all basic questions about Eyebrow shaping services.

1. How to choose right colour
One can change eyebrow colour as per skin tone, but ultimate goal of eyebrow tinting is to make eyebrow look thicker and fuller. Your beautician will be best person to guide you regarding tinting and best colours.

2. Do you use regular hair dye
No, Hair dye and eyebrow tinting are two different concepts. We never recommend any one to use hair dye on face as hair dye is too harsh for face skin. we always recommend to use gentle patch to check for any skin allergy or any reactions.

3. How long will it last?
Eyebrow tinting last for few weeks, depending on skin type, growth and how you manage your eyebrows.

4. Best time to get your eyebrow tinted
There is no specific time or weather to have eyebrow tinting service. Nboutique beauty on demand provides beauty salon home service and have experienced staff for eyebrow tinting and and shaping. One can book us any time by single call.