Threading Service


Threading is traditional way of hair removal and most common service done in salons now a days. Thread hair removal helps professionals in shaping and removing of unwanted hairs. We understand importance of shaping and removal of hair with thread therefore we have experienced staff doing job for you. We have all type of threading available at your door step.

1. Upper Lip : – upper lip waxing is used to remove unwanted hairs by ladies. This service can be booked as per hair growth from person to person.

2. Chin Threading : – This service can be used for removal of unwanted hairs from chin on place of waxing. Ladies with fear of waxing can go for this service at home.

3. Eyebrow shaping and cleaning : – Threading is used in salon for shaping Eyebrow and removing unwanted hairs to give proper shape to Eyebrows. Eyebrow shaping gives woman proper and beautiful face.

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