Shellac Coating

Say  Hello   to  SHELLAC.   Shellac   is  a  true   innovation  in  chip-tree, extended-wear  color. If you have problem  with  nail polish  to stay on or chip  with  your  natural  nails,  Shellac  is the  product.  It  applies  like polish,  wear like gel and  off in minutes.   Light in weight  and  glossy are other   characteristics   to  get the  color  gel nail.  Shellac  is last  up  to  2 weeks or more …amazing!

Our signature manicure using formaldehyde-free, paraben-free lotions and polishes. This classic nail treatment shapes, buffs and gloss nails to perfection.

Upgrade your Classic Mani and Pedi with a hydrating mask.

  • Sterilizing the tools and materials
  • Applying high-quality cosmetic materials
  • Using single-use handgloves and finger separators
  • Keeping the track of schedule
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Offering extra comfort for customers

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