Professional Keratin Treatment in Dubai

Keratin Treatments are famously known as Brazilian hair treatments that consist of a partially permanent, hair-smoothing, curl-softening specialized chemical. This keratin treatment in Dubai is exclusively available at Nboutique salon. This hair treatment does not contain harmful chemicals. The keratin hair straightening is usually made up of a substance like formaldehyde, conditioners, and the main element the protein keratin to add extra potency to your hair.  All types of keratin treatments are suitable for any hair type: Slavic, Asian, European and African-American. Nboutique hair experts ensure the keratin treatment is carried out at utmost care without any possible side effects.

Process of Keratin Treatment

Choose the Product

The choice of the right brand for the keratin treatment is extremely important. We use top quality brands for all our keratin hair treatment in Dubai.


With the choice keratin shampoo, our experts will wash your hair vigorously 3 times without the of a conditioner. The keratin hair treatment focuses on the hair but not the scalp.

Treatment Apply

Then, apply the keratin product by sectioning the hair into 4.Our hair treatment salon in Dubai will focus on the application from top all the way to the bottom


OOnce the application is over, keep it for about 10-20 minutes depending on the product. The keratin hair treatment works its magic.

Blow Dry & Straightening

After the processing, the product would be blow dried into the hair. With the ceramic iron, we carry our special keratin hair straightening for the desired results.

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