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Best Eyelash Extensions in Dubai

Most beauticians endeavor to do it all-hair, nails, eyelash expansions, cosmetics – yet it’s best to pick a beautician who aces a particular zone of magnificence like eyelash augmentations.

We spend significant time in eyelash augmentations alone, finding the best lash search formed for every individual customer. Whether you’re searching for delightful lashes for a unique event, or as a consistent marvel routine forever, idealize lashes are accomplished by our eyelash expansion authorities. With routine touchups, each 2 to 3 weeks, you can have astonishing eyelashes inconclusively!

We utilize the best nature of items and we ensure that we will give you, not just, with longer, thicker and more tasty looking expansions at the same time, more significantly, with more advantageous and more grounded common eyelashes. While applying your expansions, we likewise treat your lashes, keeping in mind the end goal to fortify them, since, the soundness of your characteristic lashes, onto which augmentations are connected, is our essential concern.

Premium Products - Professional Services

Whether you want a subtle enhancement or full on glamour our expertly trained team can create the exact look you desire. Our unique techniques and systems mean that you can wear perfect eyelash extensions on a continuous basis without causing any damage to your natural lashes and just require maintenance appointments every 3-4 weeks. Our friendly and professional team will always tailor the lash extension service to you, creating a look to compliment your eye and face shape.

  • Full Set            550 AED
  • Half Set           350 AED
  • Refill                300 AED
  • Removal          150 AED

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