Nail Shape – Reflection of your personality

We’ve been into a situation thinking on what is the right nail polish and shaped that will represent your personality. We go to a salon and get some manicure and pedicure then the nail technician will ask you the million-dollar question that could be a positive or negative: How do you like your nails shaped and colors?  Simple question yet you lead in thinking if it is right or not.

In an era, where nails are the biggest accessories of women, your chosen nails shape and color is a reflection of your personality and style. When choosing a design, the shape can mean different.


  1. Square nails for durability
    Square fingernails are generally equivalent long and wide. Individuals with square fingernails uncover a man who can be ‘tight-fisted, mean, and niggardly.’ This state of fingernails additionally uncovers an inclination towards anxiety and fast considering, and the shorter the fingernails, the more basic the identity. This style is about capacity. You can look hot regardless of the possibility that you work with your hands! This shape is incredible for anybody in nourishment benefit or a game that incurs significant damage on your gloves.
  1. Oval shaped nails
    This fingernail shape has a tendency to be the best, liberal, and cheerful. An adjusted fingernail shape is inventive, free, and a brisk student.
  1. Squoval (square/oval)
    This shape is great for individuals who have nails that are longer, however, need to remain proficient. Squoval keeps them long and flawless.
    You’re not into testing and you like business as usual. Straightforward, rich and somewhere between an adjusted and square nail. Your nail trim matches your style, which veers on the great side and is refreshed consistently with regular embellishments.
  1. Round nails
    Round nails are awesome for individuals who nibble or simply don’t care for the vibe of long nails.  This exemplary shape says everything; you’ve worked a similar style for quite a while and you have undoubtedly been faithful to a similar manicurist for quite a long time.
  1. Almond Nails
    A diluted version of the pointed nail, this is for those with present day taste. Quality is critical to you and you won’t go for anything that looks dated or vintage. This milder variant of the stiletto has an exemplary interest that suits you impeccably.
    Almond nails are awesome for dramatization. They have a dynamic impact while keeping the adjusted tip so you don’t discover strange scratches all over in the morning.
  1. Ballerina Nails
    This nail shape got its name since—well, this is the state of a ballet performer’s shoe. These nails are adjusted as an afterthought, however, go to a square tip.
  1. Stiletto Nails
    You’ve been viewing the intricate details of the nail world intently and know this shape has been relentlessly picking up energy since spotted on the runways. You don’t shy from the spotlight. In case you’re coordinating this with a straightforward night look, you’re destined for success.

No joke! You can’t generally do dishes or handle little kids with these children on, however, they are so damn hot and absolutely in the present moment. Keep your paws on fleek with this shape!

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