Essential Manicure Techniques to Try

ManicureIf your nails are suffering from damaging problems then don’t worry. Manicure is the best treatment for your nails. It makes your nails strong. Your nails become more before than before. Just use the simple techniques of manicure and see the best results. Manicure is not difficult to implement. You can easily do it in your home. There are many techniques by which you can do manicure easily.

Basic Manicure

One of the simple methods is basic manicure. In basic manicure first apply cream, oil or any lotion on the cuticles. After that put, your hand in the warm water. By doing this your cuticles become soft.

Then you can easily shape your nails according to your choice. After that nail paint is applied on your nails and dry it.

French Manicure

The next is French manicure. It is another simpler technique. This makes your nails look beautiful within small time. In French manicure, a nail paint of any light oink shade is applied to the nails along with white shade on the top of the nails and dry them. Another method is reverse French manicure. In this you can apply a pink or white nail paint all over our nail and a different nail color on the top of your nail. This manicure gives the new and classy look to your nail.  The color of nail paint is of your choice but it is better to use dark or light shades.

American Manicure

This is a new trend. This manicure is same as French manicure. Little difference is of nail shape, it is round in shape along with white nail paint on the whole nail.

Gel Manicure

This is a best technique for those who want long lasting manicure. The gel manicure is same as basic manicure. The only difference is the special nail paint under the ultra violet light is applied on the nail. This protect the nails as well as it has a long-lasting effect.

Paraffin Wax Manicure

In this manicure paraffin wax is apply on their nails. This make nails more smooth and shiny. In this manicure, some oils are also use for massage. Hot stone manicure also provide relief to your hands. In this manicure, all the method of basic manicure is used. After that a hot stone is placed on your nail which provide a soothing effect.

Shellac Manicure

This makes your nail strong. In this manicure one coat is of normal nail paint and two coat of shellac nail paint is applied. This manicure is also long-lasting manicure and make your nail smooth and shiny.

Vinylux Manicure

If you want to change your nail style quickly then vinylux manicure is the right choice. There is a vinylux nail polish lasts for one week and easily removed with simple nail polish remover. All these manicure techniques are easy in use and provide best results.

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